Albert Pujols' Angels Contract Worth $250 Million

The longtime Cardinals star, a hero in St. Louis, has signed a 10-year contract with the Angels, worth an impressive $250 million.

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Albert Pujols Weighing Three 10-Year Contract Offers?

The story of the day has been the Miami Marlins offering ten guaranteed years to Albert Pujols. Ten guaranteed years without a no-trade clause, but still, ten guaranteed years, and a lot of money. It's a hell of an offer. The focus then shifted to whether or not the St. Louis Cardinals would counter.

The St. Louis Cardinals have countered. And oh by the way there's another team supposedly in the mix too, turns out. Bob Nightengale:

Marquee free-agent first baseman Albert Pujols, fueling the most lucrative bidding war in baseball history, obtained three 10-year contract proposals Tuesday that would pay him in excess of $200 million, an official close to the negotiations told USA TODAY.

This is an unconfirmed rumor, like most things that come out of the winter meetings, but it sounds legitimate, and if it is, then what we have are the Marlins offering ten years and gobs of money, the Cardinals offering ten years and gobs of money, and - wait for it - a mystery team offering ten years and gobs of money. We've been waiting for that mystery team to show up in Dallas, and now here it is, being all flashy like always.

The Cubs reportedly offered Pujols a contract earlier, but it wasn't for ten years, or for anything close to ten years. I don't know who the mystery team might be, or if it truly exists, but given the way things have gone, it might be the Marlins. "If we double the offers, we double the chances!"

Earlier, I was getting the sense that Pujols could make his decision Tuesday night. Now I'm thinking Wednesday, at the earliest. But I'm not an expert. (Seriously.)


Albert Pujols Deciding Between Offers From Marlins And Cardinals

We're glad you're here, because we've got the inside scoop on exactly what's happening with Albert Pujols.

Okay, that was a lie. What we do have are dueling reports. Sort of dueling.

It's been the Conventional Wisdom since last spring that the Cardinals offered Pujols a nine-year contract ... a contract that Pujols spit on, and his agent used to blow his nose in.

Tuesday night, that the Miami Marlins have offered Pujols a contract for ten years and $220 million. They also say the Cardinals had earlier improved their offer to nine years and $198 million.

One has to think that Pujols would like to stay in St. Louis, all things being equal. And there's not really that much difference between 9/198 and 20/220. What's $22 million between friends, really? Especially when it buys an extra year and impossible-to-quantify goodwill?

Of course, the Cardinals might up their offer only to see the Marlins move up, too. Just matching might not be enough. Pujols's agent's job is to get the biggest offers he can from both clubs -- along with any other team that might be lurking -- and then let the player choose one of them.

But all indications are that Pujols a) is going to decide very soon, and b) he's not going to earn anything like the $30 million per season that was bandied about last winter.

He should be fine, though.

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