Still No Solution For A's Stadium Situation

The A's want to move to San Jose. It makes a great deal of sense. This was supposed to have been solved years ago, but there's been no movement.

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Selig 'Might' Rule By End Of 2012 On A's And San Jose

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

No, don’t stop me, because you have heard this one before, umpty-bazillion times. The Oakland Athletics want to move to San Jose; the San Francisco Giants, who own the baseball territory there, don’t want that. Commissioner Bud Selig was to rule on this three years two years a year six months ago, but obviously, that hasn’t happened.

In the Los Angeles Times, Bill Shaikin writes it could happen soon:

There are indications Selig might rule by the end of the year. Yet, rather than say yes or no, Selig appears to be considering a ruling that could challenge both the A’s and Giants to fulfill certain criteria.

“I think there will be an effort to be Solomonesque,” said someone who has spoken with Selig but declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue. “This is not a ‘yes or no’ sort of thing.”

Bud Selig Solomonesque? This I gotta see.

But seriously, if the Giants aren’t budging now, what could Selig tell them before the end of the year that could change their minds? Shaikin posits some ideas, including funding for a possible new stadium in Oakland, but that likely isn’t there. And then there’s this:

The wild card is legal action — by the A’s or Giants, by Oakland or San Jose, or by third parties — that could stall the issue in court for years. If the A’s and Giants meet in the World Series, Selig might be better off letting the teams play for the championship, and for the rights to San Jose.

Now that would be fun: winner gets San Jose. Much more fun than “This Time It Counts”, anyway.


City Of San Jose Files For Court Order Against Ballpark Opponents

Well, it sure looks like this battle over hundreds of millions of dollars is turning ugly. Not sure if we could have seen that. But the City of San Jose, which wants the Oakland Athletics to move there as badly as the team's ownership wants to move, is getting involved. A group called Stand for San Jose filed suit against the proposed ballpark, ostensibly for reasons related to flawed environmental and traffic studies.

The city isn't so sure that a much larger corporation isn't behind the group, which is supposed to be something of a grassroots effort. A larger corporation such as the San Francisco Giants:

Last week the city filed for a court order allowing it to examine the organizational structure -- and any Giants ties -- of Stand For San Jose, a community group whose lawsuit over the proposed ballpark has raised questions about the San Jose plan's viability.


The city's latest motion asked the court to compel Stand for San Jose to demonstrate that it has legal "standing" to sue the city over the ballpark. The city argued the plaintiffs must be city taxpayers or to have objected to the ballpark proposal on environmental grounds.

The response from the Stand for San Jose group has been to argue for free-speech and privacy rights. Are the Giants behind it? We might never know, but if the City of San Jose gets its way, we'll have a pretty good idea.


Bud Selig's Legacy And The Oakland A's

The Oakland A's don't want to explore a ballpark in downtown Oakland, but Bud Selig reportedly does. The smart money's on Selig.


Who Has Moral High Ground In A's-Giants Dispute?

The Oakland A's really want to move to San Jose and the San Francisco Giants really don't want the A's to move to San Jose. We've got an impasse, and now we've got both teams arguing through press release. Is anyone "right"?


A Proposal To Break Territorial-Rights Logjam Between A's And Giants

The Oakland A's want to move to a new ballpark in San Jose. The San Francisco Giants claim they own the exclusive right to conduct business in San Jose. We have a proposal to resolve the dispute.


A's Will Be Granted Permission To Move To San Jose, According To Report

The Oakland Athletics may not be in Oakland for much longer, if new reports about the prove true: USA Today writer Bob Nightengale reports that sources say the Athletics will be granted permission to move to San Jose by February.

This move has been a possibility simmering on a back burner for some time now; Rob Neyer wrote about the potential of the San Jose A's in September. But while it has been a possibility for many years, with the A's looking to improve their accommodations from the outdated Coliseum to a new ballpark and/or get out from under the shadow of the successful San Francisco Giants, this new approval may accelerate a timeline to get the A's out of the city they have called home since 1968.

The A's have been succeeding as second-class MLB citizens for some years. A move to San Jose may change the calculus in the Bay Area.

For more on the Athletics, visit Athletics Nation.

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