Weekend Update: Dan Uggla, Carlos Zambrano, And The Other Big Stories You Missed

You were otherwise occupied all weekend, and weren't paying attention to Major League Baseball. Not to worry, we'll fill you in on the important stuff and leave out the rest.

Welcome back to another non-weekend, which is way worse than the weekend. It's worse because, during the weekend, you can go do whatever you want. You can camp in the forest. You can camp in the desert. You can camp on a mountain. You can camp in the back yard. You can camp in the front yard!

With the weekend over, though, you can't do that anymore, unless you don't have a job. That sucks. Incidentally, it's part of my job to fill you in on all the big baseball stories you missed while you were busy, or while you weren't busy and simply weren't paying attention. Thankfully, you didn't miss much. This looked like it was going to be a pretty lame weekend of baseball ahead of time, and, good news! Baseball isn't completely unpredictable!

Dan Uggla had his hitting streak snapped at 33 games
Uggla was going strong through Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday, probably the unlikeliest extended hitting streak in baseball history came to an end, as Uggla finished 0-for-3 with a walk. He did come close with a pop-up to right that required a diving catch, but that would've been a pretty stupid means of keep a hitting streak alive anyway. Now that Uggla's done, we can observe that Uggla's streak seemingly lasted forever, and still fell 23 games short of Joe DiMaggio. It's probably in baseball's best interests to not have a guy like Dan Uggla own the longest hitting streak of all time.

Carlos Zambrano flipped out and offered threatened to didn't retire
In a game against the Braves Friday night, Carlos Zambrano allowed five home runs and subsequently got ejected after throwing at Chipper Jones. Zambrano went to the clubhouse, cleaned out his things, told a staffer he was retiring, and left. It was all very mysterious, although Zambrano returned his things later and never filed any retirement paperwork. Zambrano was obviously never serious, since he's under contract for $18 million in 2012, but the episode was still embarrassingly childish and so the Cubs placed Zambrano on the disqualified list. We all know what that means: Vacation!

The Marlins demoted Logan Morrison to triple-A
Logan Morrison has been in a bit of a slump for several weeks, as his OPS dropped all the way into the .700s. With that said, nobody expected the Marlins to send Morrison to the minors, which they did late Saturday night. Larry Beinfest said that Morrison "needs to concentrate on all aspects of being a Major Leaguer," implying that there's a character component to this transaction. It's a shame it isn't possible to demote the Marlins to triple-A so they can concentrate on all aspects of being a Major League organization.

Rather suspiciously, Morrison asked team union rep Wes Helms whether he had to attend a season-ticket holder event on Saturday. Helms said no, and Morrison skipped it. Hours later, Morrison was demoted, and Helms was released.

Brandon Belt slammed a couple dingers
The Giants recalled Brandon Belt to take the roster spot of the injured Andres Torres, and given a start on Sunday at first base, Belt responded by hitting one homer to right, and another to center. The effort doubled Belt's homer total on the season, and presumably forced Bruce Bochy to give him at least one more start before sitting him for failing to match his previous output. Silly Belt. You don't give it all away at the beginning. You build! Always build!

Jason Marquis got his leg broke
Sunday afternoon, Angel Pagan lined a comebacker off Jason Marquis' shin bone. Marquis stayed in the game, but the next inning, he was consequently involved in one of the strangest baseball scenes I've ever witnessed:


Marquis hit Josh Thole in the leg with a pitch. Thole went down, and Marquis went down - the former because he got hit by a baseball, and the latter because he had a fractured leg. By continuing to pitch after the comebacker, Marquis' injury got worse, to the point where this happened and he was removed. It was revealed soon thereafter that Marquis' 2011 season is probably over. Not what the Diamondbacks wanted to hear, just weeks after acquiring Marquis as rotation depth. And not what I wanted to hear, either, since the severity of Marquis' injury means now I can't enjoy this .gif to its fullest potential.

More dingers!
Through last Thursday, Sean O'Sullivan was the only pitcher in the majors this season to have allowed five home runs in one game. Then, Friday night, both Carlos Zambrano and CC Sabathia achieved the mark. And on Saturday, Tim Stauffer joined them with a five-dinger outing of his own. Year of the Pitcher? Like fun it is! Year of the Dinger! Or at least, Weekend of the Dinger!

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