Was Jackie good for business?

Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson because it was good for business. The Dodgers' business. Well, also because Rickey believed it was moral. But before Rickey could do anything, he needed the...

When Jackie got caught

There was something in 42 that rankled me. Actually, there were a number of things in 42 that rankled me, but that's because I know too much and anyway those things didn't keep me from enjoying...

H.C.B.C. - Jackie's first "locker"

There's an odd little moment in 42 ... Jackie Robinson has just been added to the Brooklyn Dodgers' active roster at the conclusion of spring training, and he walks into the Ebbets Field locker...

Pitching the Next Great Baseball Movie

Baseball movies are cool again, especially the ones based on real-life events. What baseball movies should come next? Here's a panel of experts giving their take.

Digging into the facts of "42"

The hit movie about Jackie Robinson and the integration of Major League Baseball is based on a lot of things that really happened ... but how many of them actually happened? Let's do a little checking.

Taking no credit for integration

I began to type a transcript of this interview, but then I realized it's better if we just watch and listen ... The text merely says this interview happened sometime in the mid-'60s, but SABR...

Vin Scully's got nothing on this guy

Man, Vin Scully's got nothing on this guy. As Tyler Kepner writes in the Times, Bob Wolff has now been working as a sports broadcaster for 74 years. It's an official world's record! And the great...

"42" - A Rogues Gallery

Every sports drama needs a villain, and "42" has plenty of them. But what sort of men were they, really?

Monday Mendozas: It's all about 42

Today, Jackie Robinson is more famous than he's been in a long, long time. Just look how many people are writing about him!

"42" blows away box-office competition

In its first weekend of release, the Jackie Robinson movie starting Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford cruised to No. 1 at the box office.


The Jackie Robinson stuff you can't live without

An eBay Item of the Day special feature

Thoughts upon seeing "42"

This isn't really a proper review, but it's not a not-review, either. Feel free to consider it instead as some long-winded guidance for your weekend.

Great moments in player evaluation

Here's what The Sporting News said about Jackie Robinson in 1945, when he signed with the Montreal Royals: Robinson is reported to possess baseball abilities which, were he white, would make...

The Branch Rickey Miracle

Jackie Robinson is deservedly credited as a pioneering hero, but the man who put him in the position to do so risked a great deal as well.

The day I met Jackie Robinson

The essay below comes to Baseball Nation via Dr. Raphael K. Levine ... In the winter of 1951, when I was still a young fellow, my parents rewarded me and my younger sister, Ruth, with a vacation...

Jackie Robinson and Hollywood go back a ways

With the big-budget Jackie Robinson movie "42" coming out soon, let's head all the way back to 1950 in our survey of movies featuring the pioneering Robinson.

Ralph and Rachel remember Jackie

With the big movie finally hitting the big screens later this week, CBS News' Sunday Morning ran a story yesterday featuring interviews with Ralph Branca and Rachel Robinson, interspersed with...

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