David Fucillo


David Fucillo has been the editor of Niners Nation since December 2006. He also the editor of SB Nation Bay Area and covers the NFL and and writes about sports law. Dave lives in the Bay area.


Roger Clemens Perjury Trial: Jury Selection Begins After July Mistrial

Following a mistrial in Roger Clemens' perjury trial, the re-trial begins on April 16 with jury selection. We take an initial look at Judge Walton's plans to keep both sides on the straight and narrow.

Bryan Stow Assault Case: Louie Sanchez, Marvin Norwood Arraignment Delayed To August 10

We break down the definitions of the various crimes to which Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood have been charged in the Bryan Stow assault case.

Louie Sanchez, Marvin Norwood Charged In Bryan Stow Assault Case

We break down the formal charges against Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood in the Bryan Stow assault case

Roger Clemens Mistrial: Does Double Jeopardy Apply?

Now that a mistrial has been declared in the case against Roger Clemens, we break down whether the government can re-try Clemens or if double jeopardy applies.

Roger Clemens Trial: Judge Declares Mistrial After Government Introduces Inadmissible Evidence

Judge Reggie Walton has ruled the case against Roger Clemens as a mistrial.

Roger Clemens Trial: Congressional Witnesses Testify As To Legitimacy Of Hearings

We break down the first day of testimony, which featured House parliamentarian Charles Johnson and congressional staffer Phil Barnett.

Roger Clemens Trial: Defense Contends Brian McNamee Is Liar, DNA Evidence Manufactured

We break down the defense's opening statement in the Roger Clemens trial, which focuses on Clemens work ethic and Brian McNamee's character.

Roger Clemens Trial: Prosecution Claims DNA On Needles, Cotton Balls In Opening Statement

We break down the prosecution's opening statement and the physical evidence they plan on providing.

Roger Clemens Trial: Defense To Question Validity Of Congressional Hearing

We break down the Tuesday morning hearing looking at the jury instructions and the legitimacy of the Congressional hearing at the heart of the Roger Clemens trial

Roger Clemens Trial Jury Selection: Pool Of 35 Set For Final Knockout Phase

We break down the third day of the Roger Clemens trial, which saw the attorneys agree on a 35-person pool, which will be whittled down to 12 jurors and four alternates.

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