Writing the unwritten rules

Do the Dodgers celebrate too much?

This is so stupid.

Did the Red Sox bullpen call off Wil Myers?

Let's take a look and see if Red Sox relievers were responsible for a huge fielding blunder by Wil Myers in Game 1 of the NLDS.

Grading the unwritten rules: Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez is still watching his home run from Wednesday night. Let's take a look.

Grading the unwritten rules: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers celebrated in an unorthodox way on Thursday. Let's judge them.

Grading the unwritten rules: Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez watched his first major-league home run on Wednesday. The Braves thought he watched it a little too much. What say you?

Grading Bryce Harper's unwritten-rule breaking

Bryce Harper got hit for violating some unwritten rules on Tuesday night. On a scale of one to 10, how bad was the violation?

Valdespin-type justice for past showboaters

Five home run trots from the recent past that "deserve" the same kind of justice the Pirates gave to Jordany Valdespin

When keeping it unwritten goes wrong

There was a fracas in the World Baseball Classic. Let's explore the reasons for the fracas.

Stealing signs for fun and profit

There are two kinds of sign stealing. The first kind -- the kind everyone agrees violates baseball's rules and etiquette -- employs technology or non-field personnel to relay signs to players...

Revisiting the rules on takeout slides

What's acceptable when a runner is trying to break up a double play? Matt Holliday used a sharpened toothbrush handle to shank Marco Scutaro in Game 2, so let's take a look.


On the subject of kissing baseballs

That headline could have been really inappropriate, and it would have been Al Alburquerque's fault.

Should A Team Try To Break Up A No-Hitter With A Bunt? The Red Sox Did

Boston's Jarrod Saltalamacchia broke up A.J. Griffin's perfect game in the fifth inning Saturday night with a bunt single. Does this break the so-called "unwritten rules" of baseball?

Tony La Russa Defends Davey Johnson's Actions In Joel Peralta Incident

The back-and-forth between Rays manager Joe Maddon and Nationals manager Davey Johnson over last week's Joel Peralta pine tar incident has caught the attention of former skipper Tony La Russa. La...

Gentlemen's Agreements

Monday night, R.A. Dickey tries to start another scoreless-innings streak. His last one got busted after 32 innings, when the Rays scored in the ninth inning on a routine ground-out. I was...

The Mets/Brewers Kerfuffle

The Mets and Brewers had a thing on Tuesday night, but Mets manager Terry Collins did something unusual and stopped it from getting worse.

Nobody Cares About The Unwritten Rules

In the fourth inning, with a 9-2 lead, Daniel Murphy stole second base. Or maybe it was David Murphy. Could have been Donnie Murphy. Didn't get a good look. But the point is that a member of the R...

The Blue Jays And Stealing Signs: What's The Rumpus?

Are the Blue Jays stealing signs? An ESPN report suggests that they might be doing just that, with the help of a mysterious man in white.

Lincecum's Lost No-Hitter And The Art Of The Jinx

Why people shouldn't freak out during no-hitters, like the one almost thrown on Monday night by Tim Lincecum.

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