Field Stormers

12 Angry Men And Women: A Legion Of Security Guards In Pursuit Of The Minnesota Field-Stormer

Friday night in Minnesota, a record was broken when 12 -- 12! -- security guards chased down a single fan. This is madness. Let's break it down.

The Field-Storming 6, Or, Chaos In Omaha

Six enterprising individuals stormed the field at the College World Series. These are their stories.

The No-Hitter Field-Stormer, Or, The Stranger In The Mob

During Johan Santana's no-hitter celebration, a fan took the field, and for a beautiful few seconds, he was accepted as a member of the delirious mob.

The Busch Stadium Streaker, Or, A Man Who Made Good On A Promise

Thursday night, a man ran through the Busch Stadium outfield buck-naked after losing a bet. He was a man of honor, if not clothing.

The AT&T Park Field-Stormer, And The Unforgivable Commercialization Of An Art Form

The AT&T Park field-stormer was wearing an unforgivable advertisement for an unbelievably creepy startup company.

The Camden Yards Field-Stormer, And The Umpire Who Exacted Vigilante Justice

Security at Camden Yards are perhaps the most forgiving in baseball. So when a fan slid into home plate Friday night, the umpire was forced to take matters into his own hands.

The Child Field-Stormer At U.S. Cellular, Who Ran Without Fear

Last week, a kid who appeared to be no older than five ran through the grass of U.S. Cellular Field and made history. Let's break down the spectacle.

The Toronto Field-Stormer, Who Dared To Visit Baseball's Downtown

Wednesday night, a fan ran on the field in Rogers Centre and did the unthinkable: he attempted to run through the infield. Let's watch the spectacle, and reflect on baseball's outfield countryside and infield metropolis.

The Orioles-Twins Field-Stormer, Or, The Only Creative Superhero

On Friday, a caped gentleman kicked off the 2012 baseball field-storming season with a bang. Here's a breakdown of everything that transpired during the heroic spectacle at Camden Yards.

The Field-Stormers At Camden Yards: A Farewell To A Memorable Season Of Unauthorized Activity

On Monday and Tuesday night, two fans ran on the Camden Yards diamond during two crucially important Red Sox-Orioles game. It may well have been the last of what has been a spectacular season of field-storming.


The Fenway Park Field-Stormer, Or, The Proud Recipient Of The Tackle Of The Year

We're mere hours removed from the start of the NFL season. In recognition, let's look all the way back to May of this season and celebrate what may just be the best tackle we've seen from a security guard all season.

The Citi Field Stormer: A Celebration Of Terrible Planning

Last Wednesday night, a fan stormed the field in Flushing. He was eventually caught, but not before sparking one of the most hilariously incompetent security jobs in recent memory.

The Gentleman-Bride At Turner Field: A Complete Analysis

Saturday night, a man in a wedding dress ran through the outfield at Turner Field. It was a beautiful wedding, whether or not stadium security would care to admit it.

The Rogers Centre Field-Stormer, Or, The Industry's First Television Star

Over the weekend, a fan ran onto the field at the Blue Jays' Rogers Centre. And unlike nearly all other field-stormers before him, he managed to make it on television.

The Safeco Field Four: Reliving Saturday Night's Field-Storming Majesty

On Saturday night, the Mariners-Yankees game at Safeco Field was interrupted four times by the on-field antics of four daring gentlemen. Here are their stories.

The Sun Life Streaker: Full Analysis Of The Antics Of A Naked Man

On Wednesday night, an enterprising gentleman interrupted the Cubs-Marlins game by sprinting naked across the Sun Life Stadium outfield. So, how did he do? Are we to be impressed? Let's take a look.

He Is Legend: The Astros Fan Who Ran On The Field And Got Away

On Friday night, a man whose name we may never know ran on the field... and temporarily escaped. In doing so, he turned our deepest ambitions into reality and forever damaged what can never again be made right.

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