Home-Plate Collisions are Stupid and You Should Feel Bad About Yourself if You Disagree

MLB finally says that's enough of these

With a long tradition of home-plate collisions and (as we know, now) concussions, Major League Baseball will institute new rules designed to eliminate, or at least prohibit, such collisions.

What's going to change with home-plate collisions?

Bruce Bochy says he expects changes to the rules regarding home-plate collisions. What's going to change?

Is change a-coming for baseball violence?

According to Buster Olney, there's a groundswell of support among baseball executives and managers for doing something to limit the violence that's so often involved with plays at the plate. But then again, we've heard this before. Is this different?

McCarver: 'You can't do anything.'

In Game 5 of the ALCS Thursday night, there was a home-plate collision that knocked Tigers catcher Alex Avila out of the game. But there's nothing to be done about these things, right?

Tom Verducci's finally had enough

In case you missed it, last weekend there was a terrible collision at home plate that left Tofu Lou Marson on the ground after Desmond Jennings obliterated him. Tom Verducci has seen enough: W...

Mike Matheny, collisions, and the inevitable

One day there won't be any home-plate collisions. Let us celebrate with a spot of tea, my fellow sissies.

Four Minutes of Home Plate Collisions Set to Terrible Music

"This is what baseball is all about!" - A-holes↵

Yadier Molina Leaves Game After Collision

Yadier Molina left Tuesday's game against the Pirates after a home-plate collision.

The Aesthetic Argument Against Home-Plate Collisions

Home-plate collisions can be exciting, alright, but do they make sense in a baseball context?

Jon Jay Eschews Slide, Prefers Manly Out

I hate home-plate collisions. Hate is a strong word, I know.  But I do hate them, because I don't like seeing baseball players get hurt and it's usually not even a particularly smart play. Case in...


Home Plate Collisions And The Slippery Slope

Why baseball should not implement rule changes for catchers.

Blame MLB And Players Association For Buster Posey's Injury

It's time for MLB and the Players Association to outlaw the sort of play that wiped out Buster Posey's season.

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