MLB 2012 Previews

Arizona Diamondbacks 2012 Season Preview

The Arizona Diamondbacks went worst-to-first last season. Can they hold on to the gains they made?

Atlanta Braves 2012 Season Preview

The Braves didn't do a thing over the offseason. They didn't even check their e-mail. Can they still contend in an improved NL East?

Baltimore Orioles 2012 Season Preview

The Baltimore Orioles had a rough year with their young pitching in 2011. Is this the year that they turn it around and win the AL East? Well, is it?

Boston Red Sox 2012 Season Preview

The Boston Red Sox will not be dull. But will they be a playoff team?

Chicago Cubs 2012 Season Preview

The Chicago Cubs did Chicago Cubs things last year, but they've hired a couple of guys who took a similarly predictable franchise and turned them around. Can they do it this year?

Chicago White Sox 2012 Season Preview

The Chicago White Sox decided early in the offseason that they were going to rebuild to some extent. Was that a good idea?

Cincinnati Reds 2012 Season Preview

Joey Votto is great, but it's Mat Latos that the Reds are counting on to be the difference-maker in 2012. Well, and Votto too.

Colorado Rockies 2012 Season Preview

The Colorado Rockies were a trendy World Series pick before the 2011 season started. That was before the ... unpleasantness. What are their chances for 2012?

Cleveland Indians 2012 Season Preview

The Cleveland Indians were a surprise contender last season until they fell through a trap door. What can they expect to do in the AL Central this season?

Detroit Tigers 2012 Season Preview

The Detroit Tigers are probably going to win the AL Central. The Detroit Tigers might be the sixth-best team in the American League. Both things can be true.


Houston Astros 2012 Season Preview

The Houston Astros are a baseball team. They play in the National League Central, and they will likely have 25 players on their roster.

Kansas City Royals 2012 Season Preview

The Kansas City Royals are suffering through an unkind March, but can they still be the sleeper team of the American League?

Los Angeles Dodgers 2012 Season Preview

The Los Angeles Dodgers had a middling season despite having the best pitcher and position player in the league. Will their fortunes be any different this time around?

Los Angeles Angels 2012 Season Preview

The Los Angeles Angels found hundreds of millions of dollars in an old coat that they hadn't worn for a while. But will it be enough to overtake the Texas Rangers?

Milwaukee Brewers 2012 Season Preview

The Brewers lost a big piece of their offensive puzzle, but they did an admirable job patching up the lineup in the offseason.

Minnesota Twins 2012 Season Preview

The Twins had one of the most miserable seasons in franchise history last year. The good news is that it can only get better, right?

New York Mets 2012 Season Preview

It should be a tough National League East this year, with four teams that are looking to contend for a division title. And another team. This is the other team.

New York Yankees 2012 Season Preview

The New York Yankees ran away from the toughest division in baseball last year, and they might have even been a bit unlucky. How will they fare in 2012?

Philadelphia Phillies 2012 Season Preview

The Philadelphia Phillies are a team built for the present like few others in recent memory, and they're set up well for the 2012 season.

Oakland A's 2012 Season Preview

The Oakland A's didn't feel like competing with the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels this year, so they took a step back. But while they could be worse in 2012, it shouldn't be by much.

Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Season Preview

The Pittsburgh Pirates aren't in a great spot to surprise like they did in the first half of last season, but they shouldn't be as absolutely wretched as they were in the second half, either.

Seattle Mariners 2012 Team Preview

The Seattle Mariners were the worst offensive team in baseball last year, but while they aren't going to contend in 2012, they shouldn't be nearly as unwatchable.

San Diego Padres 2012 Preview

The San Diego Padres are probably going to be a trendy pick for last place following the Mat Latos trade. But should they be?

Tampa Bay Rays 2012 Season Preview

The Tampa Bay Rays play in one of the toughest divisions in baseball, but they might have the most complete team among the competition.

San Francisco Giants 2012 Team Preview

The San Francisco Giants finished in second place last year because they had historically incompetent hitting. Now they have Melky Cabrera. Look out, National League.

Texas Rangers 2012 Season Preview

The Texas Rangers are trying to win the pennant for the third straight year, and they'll have most of the supporting cast back with one major exception.

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