Number Crunch

More On Jered Weaver And The Rockpile

The other day, we suggested that Jered Weaver might benefit from pitching in front of Angel Stadium's outfield rockpile in the day time. Here we continue to investigate, with numbers.

Jered Weaver's Real Home-Field Advantage

It's not uncommon for baseball players to perform better at home than on the road. But Angel Stadium might, under certain circumstances, give Jered Weaver a particular edge.

The Pitch-Blockingest Catchers In Baseball

There's been some fantastic work done in the field of catcher pitch-blocking. Let us examine it and pore over statistical nuggets. Everybody loves statistical nuggets.

On Brad Lidge And Closers And Fastballs

There's no denying that the prototypical closer is supposed to throw really hard. Do closers actually throw really hard? Did closers used to throw really hard?

On Heath Bell And The Missing Strikeouts

The Miami Marlins signed closer Heath Bell to a pretty big contract. Heath Bell is coming off a year in which his strikeout rate cratered. Why?

Cory Luebke: Pitcher Of Interest

You know who was unbelievably amazing last season? Cory Luebke. (Cory Luebke is a pitcher on the Padres.)

Edwin Jackson’s Big Step Forward

In July 2010, Edwin Jackson was traded to the White Sox. Ever since, the flame-throwing righty has upped his game.

Michael Bourn, Carlos Pena, And Fun With Batter Pace

In this post, we explore the world of batter tempo, which might be the area in which Michael Bourn and Carlos Pena are least alike. Or it might not be that area.

Tim Lincecum And Another Means Of Defying Baseball Convention

Every coach at every level of baseball will talk about the importance of throwing first-pitch strikes. Tim Lincecum doesn't care. Why would he? He's Tim Lincecum! He's weird!

But Seriously, Brandon Morrow Will Be Fine

Toronto Blue Jays starter Brandon Morrow's ERA hasn't yet begun to match his peripherals after almost two years. It will, though. It almost always does.


Adam Dunn Atop A Leaderboard You Didn't Know Existed

Chicago White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn is at the wrong end of a number of leaderboards with which you're familiar. He's also at the top of one with which you are not.

Offensive Splits Of Impossible Interest

It's Friday afternoon, and there's nothing going on. Or at least, there's nothing going on as I write this. So let's get lost in some numbers! Splits are fascinating!

Mike Napoli's League-Leading Statistic

Texas Rangers C/1B/DH Mike Napoli is currently leading the Major Leagues in what most would consider a very unlikely statistic.

Checking Out Hits Per Swing For Major League Pitchers

I should warn you now that nothing that follows is in any way groundbreaking, and the bulk of it is only mildly illuminating. This quick research was done mainly to satiate my own curiosity, and...

Mike Cameron Has Been One Of The More Underrated Talents Of His Generation

Mike Cameron has put up some strong numbers over the course of his lengthy career. But were it not for his environments, they could've been better.

Making More Contact Isn't Always A Good Thing

Reviewing some hitters who have made more contact this season than ever before, and examining their results.

Revisiting The Clutchness Of The Los Angeles Angels

Taking a look at whether the Los Angeles Angels are still performing well in the clutch, as became a staple of theirs under Mike Scioscia.

How The Tampa Bay Rays Have Stayed In The Race

Analyzing the Tampa Bay Rays' team defense, which has turned into the team's biggest strength.

The Ten Least Feared Hitters Of The 2011 Season To Date

Reviewing the ten hitters who have seen the greatest percentage of pitches in the strike zone so far this season.

Kyle Drabek On Pace To Set Some Recent History

Toronto Blue Jays starter Kyle Drabek is on pace to post the lowest strike rate since the turn of the millennium.

On Pitchers Hitting, And The Value Of Practice

Examining the differences between American League pitchers and National League pitchers at the plate over the course of the past decade.

Adjusting For Opponent In The 2011 MLB Season

Taking a look at the hitters and pitchers who have faced the easiest and hardest competition in the early going in the 2011 Major League Baseball season.

The Tampa Bay Rays' Successful And Lousy Bullpen Reconstruction

The Tampa Bay Rays' bullpen has been a big success story in the early going, as it's posted a low ERA despite having to be completely rebuilt, but the unit hasn't actually been as good as its numbers would suggest.

On Bartolo Colon: Getter Of Strikeouts

New York Yankees starter Bartolo Colon has been excellent through his first few starts, but the numbers say he's in for some regression going forward.

The Biggest Changes In Hitter Approach In The 2011 Season

Examining which players are swinging more and less than they did a season ago as we identify hitters who've changed their batting approaches.

Trevor Cahill's Step Forward Makes Strong Rotation Even Stronger

Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Trevor Cahill has taken a step forward in 2011, as his strikeout rate has gone up.

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